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Accounting & Administration - Systems Improvement


...Is your accounting department running like clockwork?

...Can you get accurate, up-to-date financials and trading results whenever you want?

...Do you have full confidence in your financial reports? Do you trust the numbers?


Jean Littman is a commercial accountant with 30 year's experience running accounting departments and implementing computerised accounting systems for large and small businesses.  Jean is an expert at extracting the maximum from your accounting software, using her unique ability to design systems to suite data entry, office staff and management's needs alike.

She uses a "whole system" approach to set up automated controls, identify critical reporting areas and under-utilised software features.  Associated system for document flow, authorisation controls, data entry and office procedures are then optimised and documents to achieve one seamless, streamlined system.

An experienced trainer, Jean can transfer her expertise to clients and their staff, who can take and maintain more effective control over the key aspects of their business.

Jean can help you:

  • Review existing accounting software and administration systems
  • Implement new accounting software and associated systems where required
  • Set up automated accounting controls and reconciliations
  • Design integrated systems for document flow, authorisation levels, data entry and office procedures
  • Redesign management and departmental reporting systems
  • Document your systems - Policies & Procedures Manuals, User Guides
  • Train management and staff to use new systems

How your business will benefit:

  • Financial results are always accurate and up to date
  • Ability to make timely, fully informed business decisions
  • Better credit control and cashflow management
  • Happier, more productive staff
  • Savings from increased staff efficiency

Take full control of your Accounting System NOW!

Contact us now to find out how we can help you with accounting and administration systems improvement initiatives at very reasonable prices.





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