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Are You Getting Bad Advice?


  During my research this week, I came across an ezine with a subject line that read, 'Stick with One Guru Guidance'.

I fully expected that the title was crafted with shock value simply to grab the reader's attention, and expected that the article would in fact promote the opposite viewpoint.

I was wrong.

In a nutshell, the author said that although there is lots of great Internet marketing advice available, if you read the advice of too many 'gurus', you will get confused, lose focus, and that 'complete paralysis' will be the ultimate result.

My immediate reaction was to think 'how many is TOO many?'.

Without a careful survey of different viewpoints, you can't formulate your own ideas and opinions.

Although I've been marketing online since 1997, I still spend time almost everyday researching topics relevant to my Internet businesses.

I subscribe to a number of different 'gurus' newsletters.

I surf the Web to see what's new and what has changed in the Internet marteting realm. I regularly purchase and review newly-released products and services.

Above all, I seek advice and learn from both my mentors and those I mentor.

I can't imagine choosing between (the late) Corey Rudl, or Marlon, or Yanik or a dozen others to be my only eBusiness mentor.

All are extraordinarily knowledgeable and each offers a unique perspective. I learn volumes from each and every one.

While I agree that the plethora of prescriptions for internet business success can be somewhat confusing, I trust that you, my dear readers, have ample intelligence to wade through and determine whose counsel is of value to you.

Basic study and organizational skills will help you avoid confusion.

Take notes, keep a business diary and bookmark pertinent web pages. Categorize them in ways that make sense to you.

In summary, here's a prescription for your Internet business success. Get a balanced diet of advice by selecting information from all the major gurus.

Read it, digest it, then pick one guru in every major area to follow.

Choose your guru based on your sense of trust in that person, and on the advice of others.

If you are looking through the forums for other people's thoughts on a particular guru or book or course, make DARNED sure that the person making the comment:

  1. Has actually READ the book. I see SO many people who make assumptions about products, and then it turns out that they haven't even bought the darned thing.
  2. Has actually USED the material. You'll see comments like 'the material didn't work for me'. YA. Take a look at that person's site. 100 times out of 100, you'll see that they didn't follow the plan outlined in the course. ie. The site is UGLEEEEE, and where's the form for opt-ins? Yikes!

And before you buy a product, make sure that the material is up to date. Look for a 'freshness guarantee'. For an example, visit my Super Affiliate Handbook site, and scroll down the page.

You'll see the following headline in bolded black, "Is the information in the Super Affiliate Handbook current and up-to-date?" below which the month of the latest revision is posted.

The problem is not getting too much advice. You'll find that most of the 'gurus' cover the basics in much the same way.

The value you get from learning from more than one guru comes from picking up on their special techniques... and every 'guru' has got 'em.

So, pick a guru from who you'll learn and then apply the basics.

Then invest in other materials to 'round out your education' and put more tools in your toolchest.

Author's Resource: Article by Rosalind Gardner, author of the best-selling "Super Affiliate Handbook: How I Made $436,797 in One Year Selling Other People's Stuff Online". To learn how you too can succeed in Internet and affiliate marketing, please visit www.netprofitstoday.com

Copyright Rosalind Gardner, All Rights Reserved







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