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We’ve just added a new ebook to our Accelerated Solutions Classroom Series.

It’s titled “101 Web Traffic Tips The Pros Use” and is a list of 101 tried and tested tips which you can use to generate web traffic. The format is short, sharp and shiny – a straight list you can print to use for a checklist when marketing your websites.

The report is free and can be downloaded at:


You are more than welcome to distribute it to your friends, subscribers and email lists. We hope you enjoy the read and can use the techniques to your advantage.



Is it true that making mistakes is the best way to learn? Definitely! No question about it. However, making a mistake when choosing your web host can be particularly painful, as we found out recently.

We had been with our web host for a couple of years, and always received good technical support with hardly any downtime. Based on that, we had recently upgraded to a VPS account, which combined all our sites and gave us greater control and flexibility managing the sites.

Imagine our horror when without warning, all email from our various domains suddenly went off the air – missing in action. Shortly afterwards our main website also went down.

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We recently bought Keyword Elite, one of the brilliant software packages from Brad Callen of Bryxen Software.

The software really does live up to it’s claim – “taking keyword research to the next level”.

So much so that I’ve cancelled our other keyword subscription services and now use Keyword Elite exclusively. It’s very quick to harvest huge lists (you choose the number) of keywords, then allows you to manipulate them in a multitude of ways. Uploading lists to Google ad campaigns is quick and painless. The advanced features are just too numerous to mention.

The support and backup is great, and there are tutorials and articles (here’s just one sample) available to help you get the best from the software.

If you’re tired of spending way too much time on your keyword research, check it out for yourself. Feel free to send any questions – I’m using it all the time and love it!

See you soon


John Reese has finally completed his special report for you… “The Rebirth Of Internet Marketing.”

It’s a 53-page PDF report and it contains a lot of extremely valuable information about the present and future of Internet Marketing.

It’s definitely a MUST-READ.

The internet is changing – and fast! John’s one of the internet pioneers and one our most trusted sources of information related to internet marketing. In our experience, what he predicts will happen…… usually happens.

Much of what he covers in the Rebirth of Internet Marketing Report really makes sense. As an accountant and small business consultant, many of the techniques which have been “guaranteed” to turn a profit from the internet haven’t been sitting particularly well with me. For example, things such as long and “over-the-top” sales letters, continually bombarding your list with offers, making money from every single link of your affiliate sites, etc. etc…..really make me squirm. I’d always rather give customers lots of value for money (free stuff!) and keep them coming back.

Consequently when John predicts the successful internet marketers of the future will instead form lasting relationships with their list, continually improve the content on their websites, and generally “serve” their customers – it really makes sense!

The report is 53 pages of pure gold – if you’re keen for your business to survive on the internet in the future, do yourself a favour and download it now. It’s completely free.

The link is on John’s blog at http://www.income.com/blog

Enjoy the read.

Cheers, Jean

You’ve all no doubt heard of Mike Filsaime (author of “Butterfly Marketing”), one of the most successful internet marketers online.

He’s just created a valuable tool that he wants to share with all of us.

The Resource Report is his personal rolodex of the helpful resources, sites and tools he usesto run and grow his business.

It’s full of invaluable resources that will save you time, money, frustration, and energy in running your online business… and shortcut your learning curve.

The report and inside info on Domain Registrars/Web Hosts alone is worth its weight in gold – I was absolutely shocked to find out the damage some of those Terms Of Service can do to your business if you’re not aware of them.

Do yourself a favor and grab your copy now as a gift from Mike at:


The people who have had an opportunity to read it and apply it are loving it, and you will too!

Take care


Perry Marshall has just sent us this heads up:

“Some people didn’t notice a thing; others noticed big-time: Google tightened the Quality Score again at the end of last week… but they also added a new feature that’s quite helpful. Here’s the full story:


The good news is that with a customised report, you can now see a Google Quality Score for your keywords – this is good news. As Perry says: “you must understand that as the Pay Per Click landscape continues to get more competitive, the quality requirements will continue to tighten. This ain’t the first and won’t be the last.”

Enjoy your read!



“What we do in life…..echoes in eternity”. That inspirational quote from the film “Gladiator” is a very profound statement. You’ll find it quoted in “The Rockefeller Files”, a free ebook by Eric Rockefeller revealing the secrets to developing the billionaire mindset needed to catapult your online efforts into a financial empire.

It’s a brilliant “must read’ – direct and to the point – and you can download it for free at:


You can also get put the download link on your own web page or newsletter and get paid 75 cents for each person you refer for a free download. Not bad huh?

Enjoy the read. Cheers


Ros Gardner from Net Profits Today and Super Affiliate Handbook has just given us a heads up on this interesting news release:

“As of today, PayPerPost.com bloggers will have to dislose that they are being paid for certain posts.

This comes hot on the heals of the Federal Trade Commission’s December 11th statement about word-of-mouth marketing, that said that those who are paid to promote products to their peers, must disclose those relationships.

The disclosure statement does not have to appear within the blog post, but must be prominently displayed via a disclosure policy on the site.”

You can read the full post here.

This note just in from Joel Comm (highly respected “Adsense” man, usually on top of new internet marketing trends!):

“The results of my experiment are in! Over the past week, I’ve told you a bit about the power of video to get traffic to your web site. Now I can demonstrate conclusively that video does indeed work to get your pages listed higher in the search engines, thereby driving more traffic to your sites.Go watch this 4-minute video that shows you exactly how I got over 2700 new visitors to my web site in just a few days using video!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-IZ-yJw0IfQ After you get a look at these amazing results, click to use the same tool that I used!


I know there are a limited number of spots in this program, so good luck securing your spot!”

You may have also noticed that more and more learning products are utilising video as the main teaching tool. The simple fact is that video and audio make a powerful combination to accelerate learning like never before.

Stay tuned for more on video!

These enlightening comments from Perry Marshall (the “Adwords” man – Definitive Guide to Google Adwords).

“All the marketers of the world have been arguing about this for… oh, about a hundred years now: Is it better to write big long sales pages and spend 10 or 20 or 30 pages telling your story, or is it better to be brief and to the point?Guys who charge fifteen grand to write 46 page direct mail packages say their results undoubtedly prove long copy is better. Madison Avenue people who work for (obviously successful) Fortune 500 companies would remind you that Coke’s “The Real Thing” and Alka-Seltzer’s “Plop plop fizz fizz” slogans stuck in hundreds of millions of peoples’ heads.

They would also remind you that even Apple’s iPod was sold not with long copy, but with U2 and shots of hip dancers wearing those white headphones on buses and trains and billboards.

Well they’re both right. And I know the answer to this ‘long copy-short copy’ question, because I’ve seen enough things and tested enough things to know what the real answer is.

The real answer is:

*The right amount of copy is just the amount that gets a person to take the next step that you want them to take.*

No more, no less.

What I’ve found from using live chat to watch visitors come into my website and look around, you need two paths:-One that conveys the highlights quickly
-One that tells the whole story

Traditional copywriters (myself included) accomplish this partly by building a “dual readership path” with headlines, sub-heads and font changes, so a skimmer quickly gets what he wants. And more than any other media, the web gives you unlimited ability to build multiple paths so a person can stick around and look as long as they want and keep learning more.”

To read more of Perry’s articles and tutorials, you can check out http://www.acceleratedsolutions.com.au/perrymarshall.htm.

Stay tuned for more!

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