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Ray and Jean




Ray Hogan & Jean Littman live on the sunny Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. They are co-owners of the popular guitar and music resource site, www.GuitaroJam.com and the art resource site www.artdesignweb.com.

For the last 14 years, Ray  and Jean have run a small business consulting firm, helping small business owners improve their performance and profitability.

As small business owners, we understand many of the issues and challenges facing small businesses where the internet and online business is playing such a major role.  We combine 'hands-on" experience with a diverse combination of professional experience and expertise to offer clients a value-for-money and personalised service.

Ray Hogan:   Ray has over 20 years’ experience as a former organisational psychologist working and consulting with many organisations. His valuable insights into the range of human resource challenges and opportunities presented in business are applied to the development of effective management systems. Ray’s hard-edged scientific outlook, creative ability and lateral thinking skills are invaluable for helping clients to gain clarity, vision and “big-picture” business thinking.  His flair for producing creative business images and providing professional assistance with business communication, ensures clarity and impact for client's marketing ideas and business messages.

Jean Littman:   Jean is a dynamic commercial accountant, MYOB specialist, database and website developer.  As a business systems specialist supporting both PC and Macintosh platforms, her professional career has involved financial management and control, systems implementation and training in a wide range of businesses.  Her expertise and acumen assists clients to get a handle on their financial position, to set up streamlined operating systems, web presence and to gain effective control of their business.

Most of our spare time is spent on music related pursuits, sporting activities and hectic, fun filled days with our three grandchildren.

Our aim with the development of Accelerated Solutions website is to provide a busy little resource hub on the web for small business owners and internet marketers. We hope visitors will check in regularly to browse our frequently updated range of quality articles and internet marketing resources.

And most of all we look forward to making new friends, swapping thoughts, ideas and fostering regular contributions to these pages.


Scenes from the beautiful Gold Coast, Australia



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